Our Story

Crush coffee is Ahmedabad’s favourite place for hangout and coffee conversations. we strive to provide the best experience to our guests. Our coffees are sourced from thousands of small coffee planters, who made us who we are today and we’re glad to be a part of their lives. We opened our first café in 2019 at Sindhubhavan road – the youth and the young at heart immediately took to the cafe, and it continues to be one of the most happening places in the city.

Crush coffee to the youth is a “hangout” spot
where they meet people, make conversations, and have a whole lot of fun over steaming cups of great coffee. It’s been an exciting journey. We’re also present in Wide angle, Science City Road, Rajpath-Rangoli Road, do stop by our outlets to get a taste from back home!

Cups Served

Man behind Crush Coffee


Ever since he was a child, Sandy had a relentless love for a coffee. While other children were busy dreaming and
fussing over other things, it was coffee that caught Sandy’s tongue, his mind and his passion.One visit to his house made his love affair with coffee quite apparent as the aroma of fresh brew would flood the nostrils as soon as one entered through the door.It was no surprise that one of the first things he learnt as a child, one of his first skills, his first brush with art, was of course, the art of
making coffee, which he picked up at a tender age.

Soon, all the coffee in his home, be it for his family members, relatives or guests, was brewed at his hands.


Our Vision

To spread across all the cities of India
and establish a reputation that rivals
those of the most established coffee
brand outlets today.

Our Mission

To develop a brand of coffee that
stands out from the established taste,
texture and customer experience
prevalent in the market for its
uniqueness, authenticity and novelty.